Smart has a New Home –
Your Warehouse

Drive value, meet customer demands, improve efficiency

At Ryder, we’ve extensively examined new technologies to determine how they support smart warehouses, and deliver the most value to customers while helping them stay ahead of their competitors. We’ve prioritized, and are using, four types of innovative technologies most applicable to creating and supporting a smart warehouse: Robotics and automation, Sensors and automatic identification tools, Wearable and mobile technology, and Drones.

When implemented correctly, these four technologies solve the 5 key attributes Ryder has identified that define a smart warehouse: Automate where necessary, Remain nimble, Scale instantaneously, Deliver 100 percent real-time visibility, and provide a customer centric experience.

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Innovative technologies that create a smart warehouse include:


Provides a safe, efficient and reliable solution for the movement of goods in a warehouse, while improving productivity, visibility, and customer service levels.


Achieves complete visibility of products and processes in the warehouse to enable more control and reduce risk through data visibility.


Gives managers and employees the ability to exchange data between devices and end-to-end visibility of their network.

The numbers speak for themselves:


improvement in efficiency


end-to-end visibility


operating cost savings

Consumers are getting smarter. It’s time your warehouse does too.

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