Ryder Rental ELD: External Geotab Database Access Request

Access request form for companies with non-Ryder-provisioned Geotab databases that would like Ryder Rental units to appear in their company's non-Ryder Geotab database.

Ryder Sales/Rental Account Representative


Company Contact Information


Geotab Database Name

What is the name of your the company's own (non-Ryder-provisioned) Geotab database in which they would like to manage Ryder Rental vehicles rented by their company?
Enter the database name exactly as it is listed in their Geotab profile. Where is this?

Will ALL Ryder Rental vehicles requiring ELD or tracking capabilities for their company need to appear under the Geotab database name provided?

Ryder Account Number


Local account numbers


Please list of all of company's local account numbers that should be associated with the non-Ryder Geotab database.

Local account numbers should be in the following format: "#####-######" first digits (Ryder location) and last digits (customer account) separated by a hyphen (-). Separate account numbers with a comma (,) in the entry below.