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Short term, local, and substitute trucks to keep your business moving

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Whether you need to add capacity for seasonal peaks, a substitute vehicle for a break-down, or a rental from one place to another, Ryder has you covered. At Ryder, we deliver more than just the most reliable trucks on the road—we deliver the highest standard of service no matter how long or short your rental needs are.

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Explore Our Rental Fleet 

Ryder has the industry’s largest selections of reliable commercial vehicles including sleepers, day cabs, trailers, box trucks, refrigerated vehicles, and vans. 
Customer Reviews
“Every year our business grows and Ryder allows us to have the flexibility to get equipment delivered to our stores.”
“The products Ryder offers – rental, leasing, and maintenance - allows our company to grow & maintain our private fleet.” 

Renting with Ryder gives you:
Disinfected vehicles to CDC guidelines
RyderGyde™ app to find fuel locations, log fuel receipts, and more
Preferred rates on rentals, fuel, and protection
Convenient reservation by phone, online or RyderGyde™
Personalized account managements from a single point of contact
Quick and easy vehicle pick-up and return

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