Get Trucks and Drivers that are Responsive to your Business

With a Ryder Dedicated Transportation Solution you get a customized fleet with drivers we recruit, train, and manage for you. You also gain the flexibility to ramp up your fleet during peak periods and scale back down during normal season. Through truck routing and scheduling, you'll improve fuel costs, empty miles, and ensure your goods are getting their destination when expected.

Optimize your transportation network and reduce costs.

Fleet Management Dedicated to Your Business:


Outsource the burden of procuring and maintaining vehicles, billing, negotiating contracts, and compliance, while gaining more time to focus on your business.


We hire and train drivers who are dedicated to your business. Through monthly training, they are up-to-date on safety regulations, and ensure compliance.


Real-time access to key operational data that is captured, analyzed, and implemented as actionable business intelligence for continuous improvement.

Ryder Dedicated by the Numbers:


on-time delivery


trained dedicated drivers


savings on transportation costs

Reduce Costs with Outsourced Fleet Logistics