Project Rebirth

The story of one truck’s death and redemption

We took one of the newest, most advanced trucks on the planet and completely destroyed it. Why? To see if our technicians could put it back together. And just to make it that much more fun, we only gave them 24 hours to do it.

Watch the video to see if they succeed!

Ryder’s Managed Maintenance services include:

bullet Comprehensive Maintenance
bullet Preventative Maintenance
bullet On-Site Maintenance
bullet Mobile Maintenance
bullet On-Demand Maintenance

With Ryder’s Fleet Management Solutions you have access to over 5,000 industry-leading technicians across the U.S. equipped with the most advanced technology, the latest diagnostic training, and the expertise to work on any make, model and component. If our technicians can fix this truck, they can fix any truck.

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With Ryder’s Maintenance Services, you benefit from:

800+ service locations across U.S. & Canada


5,000+ technicians trained in preventative maintenance


80+ years of experience in the trucking and logistics industry