Ryder Rental ELD: Getting Started

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Profile Registration & Activation (Fleet Admin Only)

All Ryder customers with Rental profiles are preconfigured with a Ryder ELD (electronic logging device) account. By default, the administrator for the account is the individual assigned to the “ELD Contact (ELDC)” in their company’s Ryder profile. In order to activate and access their profile, an ELDC must take the following steps


Enter your (ELDC) email address associated with your company’s Ryder customer profile


An email will be sent to you allowing you to set your password and access your ELD account on https://my.geotab.com. Please allow up to 24 hours to receive this email.

If you have difficulty accessing your account:

Call your local Rental location

Call the National Reservation Center at 1-800-345-9282

Call Rental ELD Customer Support at 1-833-RyderELD (1-833-793-3735)

View our getting started webinar, or download the webinar presentation

For getting started assistance view this video

If your company uses Geotab for your own fleet management purposes and would like your Ryder Rental vehicles to appear in your Geotab account, please complete the Ryder Rental ELD Non-Ryder Geotab DB Access Request form to request access and configuration instructions to setup your company’s account.


Once you have access to your credentials, follow the steps below in order to log in:


On a computer web browser, visit the MyGeotab web portal at https://my.geotab.com


Enter your email address and password, then click Log in.

Note: If you have more than one Geotab account, you’ll be required to enter your database name when logging into your Ryder Rental account by selecting the “+” sign below the password field and entering your database name. Customers already operating Geotab in their non-rental fleet will be able to view and manage Ryder Rental vehicles in their own non-Rental Geotab account. More instructions on activating this feature will be available in the near future.

Your database name can be found in any of the following locations:

In your initial password reset email

In the upper right corner of the your MyGeotab screen on login

By contacting your Ryder sales representative

Set Up Company Information

The first thing you'll need to do is make sure your company information is filled out correctly:


In the MyGeotab web portal, click Administration > System > System Settings.


Make sure the following fields are complete:

Company name

Company address (required for HOS)

Maximum personal conveyance distance (optional for HOS)

Any other information if applicable


Click Save.

Add drivers and additional support staff

Drivers will need a username and password to log in to the Geotab Drive App (found in the Apple App Store or Google Play). Additionally, before drivers can use the Drive App to manage their hours of service (HOS) they must have their accounts created and configured to meet compliance regulations. In order to add drivers and non-driving staff, you’ll need to create profiles for each individual with usernames and passwords for each person:


Select Administration > Users from the main menu to view all user accounts. If a driver does not already have an account, click the Add button to create a new user. Otherwise, select the driver’s account from the list.


In both cases, you will see the User Edit page. Verify that the account has the following information on the User tab:

User name

First and last name


An appropriate security clearance level

Security Clearance Levels

Ryder Rental Drive App User: Default clearance for Drive App users

Ryder Rental Admin: Default clearance fleet admin; highest default clearance level

Ryder Rental Supervisor: Similar to Ryder Rental Admin, but cannot administer driver accounts, vehicles, or system settings; ideal for support staff that may need to make minor configuration changes

Ryder Rental View Only: View only capabilities

• Custom security clearance levels can also be created; see the MyGeotab Quick Reference Guide for more information.


Set the Data access to the groups appropriate for the user. Users will not be able to see vehicles or HOS logs outside of their data access.

• For your convenience, groups have been configured in line with your Ryder local account structure.

• We recommend that you assign drivers and support staff only to the group(s) (designated by local Ryder account number) that are associated with the primary Rental location(s) that they rent and/or sub vehicles from.

If the user is a driver, take the following steps to configure their account for use of the Drive App and, as needed, in order to configure their HOS profile.


While still in the User Edit page of the driver, go to the Driver tab


Set This user is a driver to Yes


Set Prevent driver access to shared data to Yes


On the UI Settings tab, ensure that the following is correctly set up:

Distance measurement system

Fuel economy measurement

Time zone

Note: The time on the mobile device must be set to change automatically.


On the HOS Settings tab, configure the following information:

Ruleset followed by driver (See the Geotab HOS Rulesets Matrix & Guide for more information on selecting rulesets)

The exemptions relevant to the driver (e.g. Yard Move, Personal Conveyance)

Home terminal

Home terminal address

Carrier number

Authority name (Required if company operates with more than one DOT#)

Authority address (Required if company operates with more than one DOT#)

Important: The HOS settings above are critical to being compliant. Please make sure that this information is filled out correctly.

Once you have identified all settings for all of your drivers, you may alternatively upload them through the Geotab Drive Import Tool. Instructions on how to use the tool can be found here.

Add Rental Vehicle

In order to add a vehicle to your company’s Ryder ELD account, one of your drivers must take the following steps upon initial login:

Geotab Drive App (Driver Vehicle Addition)


Enter username and password and select Log In.

Note: The app will prompt the driver to select the vehicle number, but they won’t be able to if it hasn’t yet been added to a group associated with the driver in your Ryder ELD account.


Press the No Vehicle button to continue into the app without an active vehicle


Select the Ryder ELD Service Add-In from the Dashboard. Select Enable to set up for Hours of Service


If Enable is selected, turn on your vehicle. View the vehicle’s current odometer reading and type the value into the Enter Odometer box. Select Submit


A vehicle name will appear on the screen, select Okay to confirm the vehicle name


If you see a different vehicle name than the one you are operating, select It’s not my vehicle. Ensure that you have entered the correct odometer value, if you are still seeing the incorrect vehicle, contact your administrator for assistance.


Navigate to the main menu from the top left corner of the Geotab Drive app and select Assets. Ensure that the vehicle that is being driven is selected. If this shows an incorrect vehicle, or if it states ‘No Vehicle’, select the Change button. Enter the name of the correct vehicle and select it.

Remove Rental Vehicle

When your fleet has completed using the Ryder rental vehicle and has returned it, your company must remove the vehicle from your Ryder account using the one of the following methods:

Geotab Drive App (Driver Vehicle Removal)


Login into the Geotab Drive app, if not already logged in.


On the Dashboard, select the Ryder ELD Service button screen.


To discontinue the Ryder ELD Service, select the Disable button. Confirm this action, by selecting Stop within the popup.

Driver Deployment

Guide drivers to download/install the Geotab Drive App (found in the Apple App Store or Google Play) and configure their app/device as shown under Driver >> Android and iOS Setup section of the Admin Drive App Manual

Note: Drivers must enter their database name on first app login by selecting the “+” sign below the password field.

Driver Training (Download guide):

Demonstrate how to use Geotab Drive to the drivers

Review videos for Hours of Service Overview


Optional - Have the drivers take the Quiz

Mandatory (ELD HOS):

The Drive App Data Transfer Guide for Roadside Inspections, Data Diagnostic & Malfunctions Guide & Drive App Manual must be in the cab at all times. These will be available through the Drive App.

The device must be mounted in the cab. For your convenience, Ryder Rental units will be equipped with dash-fixed mount that are capable of holding devices phones and mid-sized tablets with widths ranging from 2.6″ to 5.25″, including the case.

Admins should verify that drivers have a back-up paper log book in case of an ELD device malfunction.


Optional: Provide Android and/or iOS Troubleshooting Guide to the Driver

Admin Support

Demonstrate how to use MyGeotab for HOS using the Administrator's Guide for Compliance

Train Administrators on day-to-day activities